Yin & Yang Engraved Ebony Wood Dugout Stash Box - One Hitter, Glass Smoking Pipe +4 Screens, Wooden Chillum, 100% Brass One Hitter Pipes

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Premium-Quality Black Ebony Hardwood Dugout Stash Box with a Laser Engraving of the Yin and Yang, The Symbol of Balance. Inside will include your choice of a Brass or Glass One Hitter Pipe. Our Brass Hitter pipes also come in several different wooden finishes.

You will receive:
1 - Ebony Wood Dugout Box with a Laser Engraving of the Yin and Yang Symbol.
1 - One Hitter Bat of Choice
4 - Small One-Hitter Screens (100% Brass)

We offer a 100% Customizable Engraving Feature! You can Start From Scratch, or add on to the engraving you see in the images! We have a Laser Burning Engraver with incredible precision!

This is a Beautiful and Customizable Top-Quality Black Ebony Wood Dugout w/ A Yin Yang Laser Engraving (Or Add your own special image and/or name to make it truly unique!), Includes a One-Hitter Smoking Bat, and 4 Brass Screens.

Here is some important information for our Customizable Options- We can only engrave on the dugout box itself, the one-hitter bat is not able to be engraved on since it is circular and very small. As for the location on the boxes, we only engrave on the front and back. Prices vary depending on if you want one side, both sides, or if you choose the original design in this Listing. Please share all the details you can when you check out; We'll reach out to you with any questions we have!

Please send us a personal message if you have any questions!

Ebony Dugout Stash Box ( 4" x 1.6" x 0.6" )
One Hitter Bat ( 3" x 1/8" )
Screens ( 1/3" Round )

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