Ebony Wood Dugout Stash Box w/ 2 Brass One Hitter Bats w/ Ebony Adornment (Brown Pattern), 2 Chillum Pipe One Hitters +10 Screen Filters

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Includes The Following: 1 - Large OMNYA Ebony Wood (With Brown) Dugout 2 - Brass & Ebony One-Hitter Pipes (Your choice of Bats!) 1 - Czech Style Tobacco Pipe Cleaning Tool 10 - 100% Brass Pipe Screens for your One Hitter Bats This Ebony Wood Large Sized Dugout Stash Box has a Spring-Loaded Slot for a Mini Bic Lighter, and 2 One Hitter Bats of your choice. Includes 10 Small Brass One-Hitter Screens and a 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool! **Personal Laser Engraving option available, send us a message with any files you would like to use, or tell us what you'd like in the personalization box. Dimensions: - Dugout (4" x 2.5" x 1") - One Hitter Pipes (3" x 1/3") - Screens (1/3" Round) - Cleaning Tool (3.2" Long) Same Day Processing before 4pm MST Ships in the USA (1-3 days) Worldwide (2-5 Days) ***Must be 18+ to Purchase!*** ***These products are made and Intended for Tobacco Use Only!***