Ebony Wood Dugout One Hitter Stash Box, Branch Design, 4 Brass Pipe Screens, Grinder One Hitter Bat, Dug Out Box, One Hit Bat / Tobacco Pipe

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Ebony Wood Dugout Stash Box with a Laser Engraving of a Branch with a Grinder Tipped One Hitter Bat. Your Order also Includes 4 Mini Brass Pipe Screens!

You will receive:
(1) - Ebony Wood Dugout Box with a Branch Laser Engraving
(1 to 3) - One Hitter Bats (Grinder or Smooth Tip)
(4) - Small One-Hitter Brass Pipe Screens / Filters (Plus 4 Extra Per Bat)

Ebony Dugout Stash Box ( 4" x 1.6" x 0.6" )
One Hitter Bat ( 3" x 1/3" )
Screens ( 1/3" Round )

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Artwork Credit - find him on Instagram! @kmbarrett2
***Must be 18+ to Purchase!***
***These products are made and Intended for Tobacco Use Only!***