Redwood Slide Lid Magnetic Dugout + Glass Smoking Pipe Chillum w/ 4 Brass Screens, Glass One Hitter Smoking Pipe, Herb Box

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A modified quote from the wisest of all men, Tyrian Lannister! This was originally a customer requested Item, and is now available for everyone! Special for any Game of Thrones Fans!

A Handmade Redwood Magnetic Lid Dugout One Hitter Stash Box with a Hand Blown Borosilicate Glass Chillum Pipe, with a Tyrian Fan Quote for Smokers. The lid conveniently slides and will latch shut automatically, so your tobacco herbs stay safe everywhere you go! We include 4 bonus small brass screens to keep your Herbs from clearing through the pipe during use.

Dimensions of Stash Box:
(3.2" x 2.2" x 1.2")

Dimensions of Glass Chillum Pipe:
(2.5" x 0.4" x 0.4")

You will receive:

- 1 Redwood Dugout Box with a Magnetic Lid. (I Smoke AND I Know Things) *Three Quality Hardwood Choices Available!
- 1 Glass Smoking Pipe Chillum. *Many Colors Available!

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**Only 18+ May Purchase This Item!*
**For Tobacco Use Only!**